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Online Games Poker – Poker Terminology

January 22, 2015
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Online poker gambling has never been more popular and there is no mystery in that fact at all. If we consider the evolution of online games poker closely, we will see that the upward trend has been boosted by the invention of the internet. Elementary, my dear, for there is a certain palpable excitement in winning big online.

Beginners’ tips

For starters, you don’t need to go anywhere to increase your bankroll. Secondly, there are so many online games poker rooms around that everyone is able to find exactly what they are after. And let us not forget that all games poker rooms offer free bonuses, which only makes it easier for everyone.

Of course, you may rely on luck all you want – it is your choice, after all – but if you wish to earn massively from online games poker, you will need to draft a strategy. Oh certainly it will need redrafting here and there, and in accordance with your opponents’ skills, but having a general idea is the main thing. Additionally, the majority of online games poker players multitask, so your chances at winning will be at least tripled if you barely concentrate on the game, The notable exception are no-limit games poker, since it’s big stakes we’re talking about here. What all games poker strategies (regardless of the game variant!) have in common, however, is the system of odds calculation. Every serious games poker player should learn to calculate the odds, as this is the very prerequisite for every successful strategy.

Poker terminology

Next, it is advisable if not necessary to learn online games poker terminology. Listed below you will find the very essence of poker terms. For additional ones, visit our knowledgebase at Online Games Poker.

All-in: betting all of your available money.
American Airlines: a pair of Aces (any).
Ante: a small bet placed before dealing the cards.
Babies: non-Aces required for the lowest hand (2,3,4,5).
Back to back: two same cards in a row.
Barn (also: full barn, full boat): full house.
Bet: putting funds into the pot.
Bet for value: placing a bet on a hand expected to be the best in the long run.
Bicycle (also: wheel): the best low hand containing Aces.
Broadway: aces high.
Call: matching the previous wager.
Dead man: two pairs of Aces combined with two pairs of eights.
Draw: replacing cards with new ones.
Flush: one suit five cards hand.
Lid: top deck card.
Live card: an unrevealed card.
Nut: the best hand possible.
Rainbow: a group of cards in different suits.
Rush: a winning streak.

Showdown: the end of the turn when players reveal their hands.

Stack: money you (and every other player) put on the table.
Steal: a victory by bluffing.
Wild card: a joker, trump card.

These are but the essentials that will help all online games poker beginners understand what’s going on at every moment of the game. Of course there are many more, and you will find them addressed in other articles in our knowledgebase.

Best trusted online games poker rooms

Finally, to start practicing, you will want to sign up at a trusted games poker room. Which is exactly why you’re in the right place (and at the right time!). At Online Games Poker we have selected the best internet poker rooms for your convenience: licensed and secure. All of them will provide you with free bonuses that will, in turn, help you win big faster. Sign up today for a one-way ticket to your dreams!